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RaiseRight is a fundraising program, which allows you to purchase gift cards from the program, and You and Shalom receive rebate on the purchase.

Shalom has decided to split the profits with the families 50/50. This is a great way to help offset your tuition cost and to also support Shalom designated projects. 50% - Will go toward Shalom Senior Mission Trips

50% - Will be Your Rebate. You can choose where it goes from the following options.

  • Tuition credit for your family
  • Tuition credit for another Shalom family
  • Contribution to your student’s Senior Class Trip
  • Cash rebate to you (quarterly when the value exceeds $10)
  • Charitable contribution to Shalom (potentially deductible)

Our gift card program distributes earnings 4 times a year in the months of February, May, August, and November. These earnings will be calculated from the previous quarter. 

Shalom will assume you will be accepting the tuition credit for your family unless you notify us in writing by the end of the current quarter (March, June, Sept, and December).

Gift cards will be available for pickup, by the program participant, in the office. If you want your cards sent home with your student or another parent, you will need to fill out a Gift Card Pick-Up Waiver Form here. 

Gift card fundraising is an easy way for friends and families to earn money for Shalom! RaiseRight allows you to purchase gift cards from over 750 top brands and then it donates a portion of those proceeds to Shalom. Click here if you would like to watch a video with more information about this program. Once you are ready to start earning for Shalom visit www.raiseright.com and email lmartin@shalomca.com for our enrollment code to join.

Orders for these gift cards will be finalized every other Friday and available for pick-up at Shalom the following Friday.

Once you have joined you can also download the Raise Right app by Shop with Scrip. This app allows you buy gift cards directly from your phone and use them instantly or save them for a later time. 

The funds raised from this program each quarter will benefit Shalom's Senior Mission Trip.

Contact Laura Martin at lmartin@shalomca.com if you have any questions and to get Shalom's enrollment code.