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2020 Virtual Week-Long Celebration

Grandparents Day at Shalom is a special event where we welcome our loved ones on campus. Due to challenges from gathering due to COVID-19, we have decided to take our annual Grandparents Day tradition VIRTUAL! 

From October 19-23, we'll be sharing stories of how special Shalom grandparents are to our students as well as Shalom grandparents sharing stories of what life was like when they were their grandchild's age. More things will be added throughout the week to the top of this page so check back each day:

Monday - Grandparent Stories
Tuesday - Grandparent Portraits
Wednesday - I Love My Grandparent
Thursday - Q&A with Shalom Students about Grandparents
Friday - Kindergarten Thoughts

"The saying "It takes a village to raise a child" is something we embrace at Shalom. A big part of that village is our Shalom grandparents! Grandparents play a variety of roles at Shalom - cheering section, chauffeur, lunch helper, or pie sale baker. We couldn't do all we do without their support! While this year looks very different, and we are not able to celebrate in person, we want to let them know how special they are to us and to showcase the important role they play in the development of their grandchildren! We love our Shalom grandparents!"

Elementary Principal Jaime Keller

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Grandparent Stories

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Thoughts from Shalom's Kindergarten Friends

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Grandparents have always been a vital part of our community. They have supported Shalom as volunteers - think pie sale, Race for Education, lunch servers. They are cheerleaders at their grandchildren’s events. They are chauffeurs.  I’m guessing they even help with homework.  We’ve been blessed with grandparents who give financial gifts and share their wisdom and expertise. We love this group who provides that additional safety net of love and support for their grandchildren. They are an important part of helping students live lives of consequence.

In the Bible, Joseph is reunited with his father, Jacob, after being apart for many years. One important part of that reunion was presenting his sons to his dad. “These are the sons God has given me here,” Joseph said to his father. Then Jacob said, “Bring them to me so that I may bless them.” (Genesis 48:9). He recognized this incredible gift of grandchildren, and wanted to pour his love into them. Blessing showed them God’s love, his own love, and his desire to be part of their lives.

May Shalom grandparents feel encouraged as they are honored this week. May they know that their involvement brings lasting effects. Take time to show your appreciation for those who have had the role of “grandparent” in your life.

Shalom Christian Academy Administrator Angie Petersheim

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Q&A with our Elementary Friends

Please be patient - the video may need time to load, depending on your internet speed. 

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I Love My Grandparents

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Grandparent Portraits

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We Love Shalom Grandparents

Shalom Grandparent T-shirts Now Available!

Shalom Christian Academy is selling Grandparent T-shirts in our online store here - There are a few options available, including our newest style shown here. 

Special Contest For Grandparents

For the month of October, our office staff will be looking for Shalom Grandparent T-shirts in the 'wild' - on Shalom's campus for athletic activities and out and about in the greater Chambersburg community. 
If our staff spots a Shalom Grandparent T-shirt, we'll ask you for a photo to share online and we'll send you a special gift, just to thank you for showing your Shalom spirit in our community.