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The Great Pie Sale

Let Shalom Christian Academy bake your holiday pies! Our homemade pies are lovingly made by our team of parent and grandparent volunteers just in time for Thanksgiving.



The Shalom Christian Academy Annual Pie Sale is one of our best fundraisers of the year and highly anticipated for each Thanksgiving holiday season. Our wonderful Shalom Community comes together to bake pies for the greater Chambersburg area. This fundraiser has turned into a great service for our community. Businesses and families look forward to these delicious home-made pies each November. Our pies include baked and unbaked options, allowing us to meet immediate holiday needs and some future holiday needs. Our head bakers offer Pumpkin, Apple Crumb, Blueberry Crumb, Cherry Crumb, Lemon Sponge, Coconut Cream, Pecan, and Mincemeat. For a few days in November, Shalom volunteers meet in local churches to make over 2,500 pies for the Chambersburg area.

The Pie Sale began in 1996 when the school was in need of a new roof. According to school board minutes from January 1997, Mr. Mike Shaker, Shalom’s Assistant Administrator, noted that “the Great Pie Sale was the single best event I have been a part of. We made mistakes, it wasn’t perfect—we have changes needed, but the commitment expressed mostly by women (and some dads, too) was moving. God’s people coming together to do good for his family was incredible. We raised $19,000 for our roof project.” Now in 2018, it is with the same enthusiasm that we continue this great sale!

We depend on volunteers’ hard work and dedication to assure the quality and quantity of orders are met. We simply want to continue to do our best for our community. We are blessed with so many great men and women who give many tireless hours to the sale. It is truly great to see our students, moms, dads, and grandparents come together for a common goal.

Our volunteers fold pie boxes, fill pies, make crumbs, and bake pies. Volunteers also deliver business orders and help fill the orders when families come pick those up at our school sale building. We are always in need of volunteers each and every year to pull off such a large scale event.

Please consider volunteering in some way—we can’t do it without you! Any amount of time is helpful. To get involved, please email me at spoe@shalomca.com or click here to sign up.
Let’s get baking!

Suzanne Poe
Business & Events Coordinator
Shalom Christian Academy