What is the Cultivating Wholeness Campaign?

This campaign provides an opportunity for Shalom to build on the rich heritage that was established by leaders and families in past years.  Shalom’s priorities are shaped by our immediate needs and our anticipated needs as our school continues to grow. The campaign is a result of the need for continued improvement within our facility as well as programmatically.

This proposed expansion reflects Shalom’s commitment to community. We strive to cultivate wholeness within our students so they live lives of consequence in the world for the kingdom of God. The impact this expansion will have on our current and future students will be significant. 

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Why a campaign now? 

Logistically, there were several factors that impacted the decision to begin a campaign in 2019.  Elementary grades are gradually increasing to 3 classrooms/grade which means we need more space.  

With increased enrollment, it is becoming more difficult to schedule all the necessary gym classes.  Having additional gym space will ease that. Fine arts is growing and needs designated space.  Academic programs are being expanded.
Elementary programs attract 400+ people. Even with scheduling programs on multiple evenings, it is very crowded.

The Spring of 2019 was a good time to begin a campaign because of the foundation that previous leaders have laid for our school. This foundation created a solid academic program and a sound financial base. Overwhelmingly, our Shalom families, faculty, and community supported this project, and we were pleased to move ahead.

What is the campaign goal?  

$12 million.

Will my tuition increase to pay for these improvements?

Tuition naturally increases every year because of increasing costs and cost of living evaluations. One of the campaign goals is to increase the amount of scholarships offered so that more people are financially able to send their children to Shalom. This will help to ease the impact of future tuition increases.

I already pay tuition, why am I being asked to contribute to the campaign? 

Your tuition dollars cover about 80% of the operating budget. Each year we raise the remaining 20% through events and gifts. The campaign expenses are in addition to our normal operating expenses. The Cultivating Wholeness campaign provides an opportunity for families to be part of this exciting initiative that will benefit our current and future students.

When will the campaign begin? End?

The campaign officially began March 4, 2019. It is scheduled to be a 3-year campaign ending in the spring of 2021.

What are the phases and timeline for the capital expansion?

Phase 1 is the total renovation of the elementary and middle school. In May 2019, elementary students finished their school year at a local church so that renovations could begin in that area of the building.  In early June additional renovations continued in the middle school. These continued throughout the summer months. Teachers began moving back into their classrooms by mid-August preparing for a September 3 first day of school.

Phase 1A was inserted as a way to maximize resources while continuing to move forward. A few Phase 1 areas were not finished in terms of flooring, ceiling, and new windows, and were projected to be completed in Phase 2. Phase 1A will complete the unfinished parts of Phase 1. It also adds additional elementary classrooms within the existing space. The elementary office area will be moved and a more secure building entrance will be installed.

Phase 2 is the physical expansion of the elementary area. It provides additional classrooms and a large gathering area,

Phase 3 is the renovation of high school classrooms and the main office areas. This also includes a new main entrance.

Phase 4 is the expansion of the gym, a large stage, and designated fine arts classrooms. It also includes a community room which will be used for middle and high school lunch as well as an area to host events. An elevator will be part of this phase.

While over $8 million has been pledged to this project, much of that is in pledges which will come in over a 3 year period.  As indicated by the insertion of Phase 1A, we will utilize our resources so that we can continue to move forward as funds become available. At the current time, we have made an informal decision to prioritize Phase 4 over Phase 3 when that time comes.  

Will the educational process be disrupted?

Phases 1 and 3 will occur during the summer months. Phases 2 and 4 can occur during the school year. While there will be disruptions, these should be minimal.

How were contractors selected?

Brechbill & Helman Construction Company has been hired as the general contractor. They put the various parts of the construction out for bid. We were able to give them the names of contractors who are in our school family and with whom we’ve worked in the past.
As we have worked with them in Phase 1, we have been pleased by their integrity and reliability. They have done an excellent job.

When is my 3-year campaign pledge due?
Campaign pledges are welcome at any time. You can give online here. 

Are parents also going to be asked to give for Fair Share?

No.  We did not invite you to participate in Fair Share this year, and will not for the next 3 years. These gifts will be part of the campaign gifts.

Special thanks to our Campaign Leaders:  
Steering Committee Chair - Brian Knepper
Steering Committee - Les Clugston, Steve Geesaman, John Helman, Ken Kipe, Stacy Lehman, Kirk Martin, Wayne Myers, Lisa Pogue, Gregg Thompson, Dale Watkins
Administrator - Angie Petersheim
Director of Development - Mike Shaker
Campaign Coordinator - Suzanne Poe

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