Shalom Christian Academy is a Christ-centered school dedicated to preparing students to seek a spiritual life that reflects Christ in body, soul, and mind. The Shalom Christian board of directors, administration, staff, and students recognize the many ways that donors contribute to our school. For more than 44 years Shalom has equipped students for a life of consequence in this world for the Kingdom of God. We have been recipients of great academic teaching, a diverse and challenging curriculum, exciting co-curricular activities, outstanding facilities, and an excellent faculty.

Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.Matthew 22:37

There is a rich and outstanding heritage behind Shalom that has paved the way for an exciting and rewarding future for every Shalom student. We recognize that God has been able to provide generously for our school through donor generosity, stewardship, and a host of volunteers.
Listed below are some ways you can be a part of the tremendous future of Shalom Christian Academy.

All non-cash and/or restricted gifts should be discussed with a development team member. We can provide advice and documentation for all charitable gifts. You may want to consult tax, legal, and/or financial advisors to determine the tax implementations and deductions of any gift.
Thanks for your support. Please feel free to contact us at 717-375-2223 or for more information or to support our school.

When it comes to providing assistance, Shalom Christian Academy conducts a thorough and independent financial aid process to determine whether a family qualifies for assistance. Tuition scholarship funds come from people like you and from a community of donors, foundations, and local businesses who have a desire to see that children have the opportunity for a quality, Christ-centered education.

Before you give, we would ask you to pray. Pray that the Lord continues to bless the ministry of Shalom Christian Academy and provides for both the needs of the school and the needs of our families. 

Gifts of any amount that support Shalom are appreciated and show your confidence in our educational mission. For more information, talk to Business Manager Jeryl Hoover at or call 717-375-2223. 

You can make a lasting impact for students at Shalom Christian Academy with your charitable gift. Several options let you provide for your family while supporting Shalom today or for years to come. 

students walk from bus to school building