Shalom Ski & Snowboard Club

Shalom's Ski (& Snowboard) Club is a Shalom Christian Academy sponsored activity where Middle & High School students from Shalom will go to Whitetail after school for an evening of Skiing/Snowboarding. A typical evening will be leaving Shalom after school and traveling to Whitetail for the evening and returning back to school around 9:00 pm. Students will be traveling with volunteer parent drivers.

When is Ski Club?
Ski Club will mostly be on Thursdays (we may do some Fridays), beginning January 5, 2023 and
going through the end of February or longer depending on how long Whitetail stays open.

Do I need to know how to ski/snowboard?
No. Whitetail does offer ski/snowboarding lessons for a fee. First-timers are encouraged to
take a lesson(s).

How much does it cost?
There will be a $45.00 cost to join the Shalom Ski Club. This will cover snacks and drinks for our club to enjoy while we ski/snowboard. This cost only covers Shalom's club, it does not cover the student's lift tickets, equipment rental or lessons. 

Lift Ticket/Equipment Rental/Lessons - $ Cost varies, see for details
Students will need to have their own ski pass or purchase a lift ticket each time they go with the club. If they do not have their own equipment, then they will have to rent equipment each time as well. If the student wants a lesson, they will need to purchase that as well. Please visit for more information.

Whitetail does have several good food options, but it is a bit pricey. Our Ski Club will take snacks and drink for members while we are there, but you may want to pack food or purchase food at the lodge. Whitetail does allow eating of outside food in their lodge.

Mr. Hoover & Mrs. McCleary and several parent volunteers will be at Whitetail with the students, but not with the students at all times. Students will be on their own, but will have Mr. Hoover’s cell phone number in case they need anything or they can go into the lodge to find a parent volunteer.

Please contact Mr. Hoover at if you have questions. Visit for more information about Whitetail Ski Resort.

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