Senior Mission Trip

Our Senior Mission Trip provides students with valuable cross-cultural experiences where they learn more about the world outside of Franklin County. When traveling abroad to countries like Guatemala and Costa Rica or domestically serving Native American populations in South Dakota, students come to appreciate the privileges we have at home and understand the challenges families face in other parts of the world.

The Class of 2022 will be serving the community of Wheelwright, KY through Big Creek Missions. Big Creek has 2 campuses where they serve as a hub to reach out to community needs and glorify Christ in Appalachia and in the hearts of believers. They partner with local agencies to respond to needs and work with churches. Their goal is to expose outside groups to the rich culture and introduce people to missional living so they can go home and, having experienced a change of perspective, identify the needs in their own hometown!
Students will be building wheelchair ramps, help with elder lawn care, prepare and deliver lessons for a children' day camp, and help at the food pantry. The Wheelwright campus sits in the center of the community that comprises 1.5 miles. This will give students the opportunity to have a close connection to meeting and working with the local people. 

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