Senior Mission Trip

Our Senior Mission Trip provides students with valuable cross-cultural experiences where they learn more about the world outside of Franklin County. In countries like Guatemala and Costa Rica, students come to appreciate the privileges we have at home and understand the challenges families face in other parts of the world.

The Class of 2020 will be traveling to Costa Rica and working with the Abraham Project. This is the seventh time that a senior class has served in Costa Rica. This project came about with a little money and a lot of faith. It started with a vision and has progressed into a reality that has expanded beyond the ministry’s expectations. The goal of the Abraham Project is to meet all the needs of the community. There is a daycare center, children’s home, professional services (doctor/dentist, counselor), and vocational classes. Land is being cleared to expand their building space.

Shalom students will be doing construction work as well as teaching Bible lessons and doing activities with the children at the daycare and the children’s homes. They will also be going to a food ministry and interacting with children through making crafts. There is also time for recreation by going to the beach and visiting a volcano.

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