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SGA Instagram

Thank you for your interest in our Shalom Student Government Association Instagram Account - To be approved as a follower of our SGA Instagram Account Page, please see the following:Our high school students, high school parents, and faculty/staff are invited to follow our Student Government Association on Instagram – @shalom_sga

Please request to follow us on our @shalom_sga account online and then submit this form for your request to be reviewed. Thank you!

This form is only for the Student Government Association Account – which is private. Our all school account is @scaflames. No form is needed to follow the schools @scaflames account.

Student Government Association Instagram Account Code of Conduct

The Student Government Association (SGA) of Shalom Christian Academy shall maintain an Instagram account for the purposes of notifying the high school student body of important announcements, reminders, dates, etc., in a timely and appropriate manner. Policies for the use and administration of this account are written for the purpose of maintaining the safety and security of students and the privacy of SGA-sponsored events. These policies are in alignment with the mission of Shalom Christian Academy, to prepare each student for a life of consequence in the world for the kingdom of God.