High School Student Life

The relationships established between classmates and teachers at Shalom prepare students for success. From kindergarten through 12th grade, students have endless opportunities to build camaraderie with peers and connections with teachers, preparing them for life after Shalom.


We believe that preparing students for success means that education happens as much outside of the classroom as in it. High school students explore their talents and abilities through music, art, drama, and athletics. 

The high school band participates in the Christmas and spring programs as well as in band festivals with students from other schools. The chorale also performs for Christmas and spring, and chorale students attend a retreat each fall. 

The drama program presents shows in the a fall and spring. Past shows have included The Wizard of Oz, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, and The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe.

Students who participate in varsity and junior varsity sports develop strong bonds on the court or field as they learn to display Godly character. Varsity sports include boys baseball, basketball, soccer and cross country as well as girls basketball, soccer, volleyball and cross country. Junior varsity sports include boys baseball and basketball and girls basketball and volleyball.

Spiritual Development

During the annual Spiritual Emphasis Week, a speaker presents to students as part of daily chapel. In past years, a Christian artist presented to students, who then learned to use their artistic abilities to express spiritual principles. Devoting a full week to daily chapel in the fall sets the spiritual tenor for the year, and concludes with students committing or recommitting to Christ.

Each year, pastors are invited to spend a morning interacting with students at the school during a special program. Pastors’ Day welcomes family pastors to the academy for a day of appreciation and information, letting pastors see what their youth experience at Shalom. As many as 80 pastors and some of their spouses have attended, visiting classrooms and meeting with the students who attend their churches. 


The smaller class sizes at Shalom create unique opportunities for students and teachers to build community. In high school, the freshman, sophomore and junior classes participate in Mini Terms every fall. These special classes explore programs on and off campus such as biking, hiking, drama, film, baking, and woodcarving. Mini Terms allow students to explore their interests and interact in a different setting with their peers and teachers. 

As preparation for the senior mission trip, the junior class spends time together on a retreat.


With a strong emphasis on Christian service, high school students share their time and talents in our neighboring communities and through international mission trips. Students must complete 20 service hours outside of school each year. 

The fall mission trip provides seniors with valuable cross-cultural experiences where they learn more about the world outside of Franklin County. In countries like Guatemala and Costa Rica, students come to appreciate the privileges we have at home and understand the challenges families face in other parts of the world.

Read all about Servanthood at Shalom here. 

Leadership Opportunities

At the high school level, student leadership impacts the high school class, the school, and the community. Those who participate in the Student Government Association meet monthly to discuss, plan, and implement high school activities and events.
The sophomore class participates in Grandparents’ Day in October by setting up and serving lunch for elementary students and their grandparents. Sophomores also host a yearly fundraiser and a yard sale during Dutchfest, a longstanding Shalom tradition that supports the academy.

Each spring, the junior class organizes a Senior Appreciation Banquet. Juniors also plan and direct activities during the spring Elementary Field Day, and they host an annual pancake breakfast.
The High School Leadership Retreat in Washington, DC, organized by ACSI, is open to students each fall, This premiere high school leadership event includes inspiring worship, profound lessons, and sightseeing opportunities. Students listen to keynote speakers discuss biblical world views on topics like poverty, the refugee crisis, and human trafficking, which stimulates students’ growth throughout the school year. 

students sharing a presentation in class