Elementary Student Life

From the moment your family chooses Shalom Christian Academy, you are part of our community. At Shalom, family is our focus, and parents are heavily involved with their child’s growth through elementary student life.


Students form friendships and explore their gifts by participating in activities. Kindergarten through 2nd grade students have chorus weekly and perform for the Christmas and spring programs. Students also have opportunities to sing solos or perform in small group ensembles. Third- through 5th grade students present Christmas and spring musical programs.

In 3rd grade, students learn to play the recorder during music class. Fourth and 5th graders learn to play band instruments with group lessons provided by a Shalom music teacher, then perform in the annual Christmas and spring programs.

Elementary athletics teach students fundamental skills, teamwork and character. Boys and girls in kindergarten through 5th grade can play soccer in the spring and fall. Basketball is offered over the winter for boys and girls from 2nd  to 5th grade.

Academic Competition

Students who enjoy language arts and math are challenged with academic activities and contests. First- through 5th grade students recite poems, fables or verses in class during the Annual Speech Meet, and several students are chosen to present to a larger audience of classmates, family and friends.

Third, 4th, and 5th graders compete in the annual Math Olympics, and 5th grade students may be selected to participate in the regional spelling bee, both sponsored by ACSI.

At the end of the school year, students are awarded and recognized for perfect attendance, hymn of the month,and those that participated in the Bible Memory program.

Spiritual Development

Our Christian values are at the forefront of our education. The spiritual development of your child is equally as important as their academic development. Each week, our middle and high school students work with elementary teachers and students as part of the Learn to Serve program.

On Pastor’s Day, elementary students engage with their pastors during special morning programming. This day allows students to show appreciation for their pastors and allows pastors to observe what their children experience at Shalom.



Students build and strengthen their relationships with teachers, family, and friends through annual events and contests. During spring Elementary Field Day, Shalom’s high school juniors work with the athletic director to create a day of activities and competitions for younger students. The event wraps up with a friendly faculty vs. 5th grade kickball game.

Our parents and greater community get involved for our 3rd grade World Culture Day and 5th grade Passover Seder, which help students learn about other cultures and religions. 

In October for Grandparents’ Day, grandparents are invited to join students for special morning programming, classroom visits and lunch.

To celebrate Thanksgiving, elementary students participate in holiday activities and hear guest speakers honor the Native Americans and Pilgrims - sharing the history of Native American people and Pilgrims.Activities

elementary students smiling