Do Good

In April, we kick off our month-long Do Good focus for Shalom students, faculty, and staff.
This focus of the month of April comes from Jesus' words in Acts 10:38 - "And Jesus went about doing good."

The focus word for this year is encouragement. 1 Thessalonians 5:11 - "Therefore encourage one another and build up each other."

Hot air balloons are an illustration of the importance of encouraging each other. For a hot air balloon to be lifted up, hot air needs to be put into it. And not just once, but continuously to keep it aloft. When we encourage each other its like putting the hot air into the balloon. Our positive words and actions toward each other help to lift each other up!

Having a Do Good month allows us to focus on the aspect of the Community Core Value of Shalom Christian Academy. Each year we take time to share in Chapel and classes on practical ways that we can develop a caring and supportive community on our campus and beyond. 

What is Do Good?

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Have you seen a student / teacher / or staff person "Do good" at Shalom? We'd like to share your stories and photos on Facebook and Instagram throughout the month. Please share your stories of your student "Doing good" with us by using #dogoodquest on Facebook and Instagram or fill out the form below so we can share on our FB and Instagram pages. You can also share a scripture, a quote, or a person thought - anything about Doing Good. 

students wearing do good tshirts