Shalom Graduate Brett Myers Awarded the Merlin Award

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Shalom graduate Brett Myers and the cast of Magic & Wonder were awarded the Merlin Award for the “2021 Best Magic & Variety Show.” The Merlin Award is said to be the most prestigious award in magic. It is considered to be to magic what the Oscar is to film, the Emmy is to television, and the Tony is to theater. The largest magic organization (The International Magicians Society) presents the Merlin Award only to those entertainers who have achieved the highest level of performance in their craft on the national and international stage. Recipients of the Merlin award include David Copperfield, Penn & Teller, Criss Angel, Siegfried & Roy and now Brett Myers!

Brett attended Shalom for his entire school career and graduated in 2005. He shared the following story about his time at Shalom. 

"My magic ministry was actually started on the bus of a chorale trip. I had been doing magic as a hobby for a couple years. But it wasn't until after one of my music teachers (Julie Beers) saw me show a couple of street kids a card trick, that she approached me with the idea.

As I recall the conversation, she said, "Brett, those kids had no idea who you were. But after you showed them a card trick, they were hooked, and followed you around wanting to see another trick and know everything about you. I really think God could use your gift of magic tricks to reach people far from Him." I responded, "Magic in church, how does that even work?" Mrs. Beers said, "It doesn't matter if you know how God will use a gift, but it's more important to trust Him with that gift and say, 'God, however you can use this, I want you to use this for your glory.' You'll be amazed at what God can do with offer like that."

And so, she was right. Over a decade later, I've had the opportunity to speak to thousands and thousands of people every year around the world and tell them about the love Christ." 

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IMS President and Founder Tony Hassini presented the Merlin award virtually to Brett and the cast of Magic & Wonder on behalf of the IMS and its 57,000 members worldwide for the title of: “2021 BEST MAGIC & VARIETY SHOW.” 

“One of our favorite comments to hear after a show is, ‘I never have liked magic, but I loved your show!’” Brett said. “Or, ‘We brought our grandchildren to the show, and they enjoyed it, but I think I liked it more than they did!’ When guests share those reactions with us, we know we’ve accomplished our goal of helping everyone in the room experience laughter, wonder, and magic.”

Audiences can see Brett and the Magic & Wonder Show at Magic & Wonder Theater, 3065 Lincoln Hwy E, Paradise, PA. Visit to learn more. 

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