Important Lunch Update for the End of the Year

We have two special meals available to order online with your regular order FOR ALL STUDENTS. 

Our annual end of year hoagie meal is scheduled for Wednesday, May 26th. The hoagie meal consists of your choice of a whole or half hoagie, chips, cookie, ice cream cup and beverage. You may also choose to select a whole or half hoagie without any sides. Hoagie lunch will be available to order until May 19th. Below are the prices:

  • whole hoagie meal - $6.00
  • half hoagie meal - $4.50
  • whole hoagie sandwich only - $3.00
  • half hoagie sandwich only - $2.25

Elementary field day is scheduled for Tuesday, June 1( rain date is Wednesday, June 2). The junior class will be selling  hot dog/steamer meals. The proceeds will help fund their senior year mission trip. The meal consists of a hot dog or steamer, chips, ice cream cup and beverage. You also have the option to just purchase a sandwich without the sides. Field day lunch will be available to order until May 26th. There will also be candy, soda & water available for purchase throughout the day. Below are the prices:

  • hot dog meal - $5.00
  • steamer meal - $5.50
  • hot dog only - $2.50
  • steamer only - $3.00

Please note:

  • Elementary field day lunch is the only lunch available for purchase the last week of school.
  • We are excited that many of our classes are able to now go on field trips. With that in mind, please remember that if you child has a field trip scheduled, do not order lunch for that day.
  • The last day of school for seniors is May 18.
  • High school mini terms will be May 25-27; most of the high school students will not be on campus--please make sure your student will be here before you order.
  • May 28 is the day scheduled for our high school students to attend Hershey park.

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