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Mission, Vision & Values

Mission Statement

To prepare each student for a life of consequence in the world for the kingdom of God. 

servanthood, community, academics
Vision Statement

Developing lifelong learners who reflect Christ in their community. 

CORE VALUES - Servanthood, Community, Academics

Shalom’s core values represent the culture that we seek to preserve. These give guidance to decisions and actions in the daily life of the school. Administration, faculty, and staff are key in both modeling and applying these so that students see and begin to accept them for themselves. 
Servanthood promotes the value of serving others. It is an attitude of the heart where students recognize that the needs and desires of others are more important than their own. This is possible as they study Christ and begin to understand His character. They acknowledge that they have a current role in God’s kingdom.
Community is realized as we foster wholeness in relationships. We desire to have a culture that has regard for the whole person. We learn to live with imperfect people while creating space for each of us to grow in the image of God. We care for and respect others. This provides a safe place for learning to happen.
Academics encourages teachers to cultivate each student’s potential. They are not all expected to perform at the same level. It allows for differences while providing tools that assist students to achieve to the best of their abilities.