Expected Student Outcomes

Shalom Christian Academy prepares each student for a life of consequence in the world for the kingdom of God. Our core values of Servanthood, Community, and Academics are the foundation of fulfilling this mission. These Expected Student Outcomes are developed with our mission in mind. They provide a measurement of the school’s intent and purpose. These are dynamic, and must be intentionally reviewed and assessed in order to be effective. 

Shalom Christian Academy students will reflect the core value of Servanthood as evidenced by: 

Being a Christ Follower 

  • Respect themselves and others as being created in the image of God
  • Have a committed, personal relationship with Christ which is evidenced through attitudes and practices 
  • Practice spiritual disciplines such as devotions, personal Bible study, memorization, and prayer 
  • Pursue spiritual maturity and a deepening dependence upon the Holy Spirit 
  • Demonstrate application and relevance of a biblical worldview to daily decision making 
  • Know Biblical content and understand how it applies to life practically. 

Being a Servant to Others 

  • Understand the gospel, salvation, and how to present that to others
  • Utilize spiritual gifts for worship, leadership, and to serve others generously 
  • Understand missions from personal experience or from personal exposure to the message/impact of missions 
  •  Make choices based on biblical principles - respects life, is a wise steward, and is a responsible citizen 
  • Demonstrate self control in attitude and behavior

Shalom Christian Academy students will reflect the core value of Community as evidenced by: 

Effective Relationships 

  • Know they are loved and valued by God which enables them to value and love others 
  • Seek to maintain peace in relationships with others using the fruits of the spirit 
  • Initiate reconciliation when a disagreement arises 
  • Create and maintain a safe environment by respecting others and using self-control 
  • Create and maintain meaningful relationships based on Biblical principles
  • Live according to Biblical principles in family and personal relationships. 
  • Effectively collaborate with peers and teachers to achieve a goal for example school events, class fundraisers, etc 
  • Recognition of Role as a Community Member 
  • Respect the possession of others and use personal possessions responsibly. 
  • Help to maintain and clean common areas 

Shalom Christian Academy students will reflect the core value of Academics as evidenced by: 

Being an Effective Communicator 

  • Read and write skillfully and purposefully 
  • Demonstrate competence in speaking and listening 
  • Contribute to groups collaboratively with interpersonal skills 
  • Being a Rational and critical thinker 
  • Analyze, interpret, evaluate, and synthesize concepts within various contexts 
  • Create original solutions for authentic and relevant problems 
  • Think creatively and critically, applies learning to solve real world problems 

Being an Empowered Life Long Learners 

  • Maintain intellectual curiosity 
  • Utilize the scientific inquiry method
  • Utilizing Creativity in Designs 
  • Create projects that demonstrate originality and high standards 

Demonstrating a Balanced Use of Technology 

  • Utilize technology responsibly and effectively 
  • Appropriately access and use various types of information resources 
  • Use school resources such as library databases, computers, etc. with integrity 
  • Cultivating Personal Interests in Arts and Humanities 
  • Appreciate and/or participate in the arts and literature 
  • Show curiosity and understanding of other cultures 


March 2021