SCA App Instructions

The Shalom Christian Academy app is here! We’re excited to offer you this way to stay in touch with all things Shalom Christian Academy. 

app image

It’s important to note -

  • Some features of the app are located entirely in the app.
  • Some features can not be housed in the app and will prompt you to log in at our main website - these links are provided as a shortcut to get to the information you need quickly.

Thank you for your understanding. 

Here is important information to get you started - 

  1. The app is available on IOS (Apple) and Google Play (Android). Search for “Shalom Christian Academy” to find the app. 
  2. The app is free
  3. It’s important to log in with your Renweb/FACTS username and password so you can use all the features of the app. If you need to reset your password, you must do this in Renweb/FACTS, not the Shalom portal. 
    log in

  4. App Tabs -
    1. Home Page - once logged in, you’ll see the latest Important Parent News and calendar information first. Please note: If you do not log in, you will only see the public SCA News and calendar. You will not be able to access Teacher Page posts or School resources. 
      log in after
    2. Posts - customize your view by choosing the boards you want to keep up with (Important Parent News, Teacher Page Posts, SCA News, Sports Announcements, and more.) 
      app filter
      1. Go to Posts, then click Filter. The first time you log in ALL the Boards in the Posts section will be checked. It’s important to click Filter at the top right corner of the page and then choose only the Boards that are important to you. 

      2. Turn OFF the boards you don't need. We highly recommend following the Important Parent News and SCA News. Elementary families should follow their child’s teacher posts as well.
        posts and boards
      3. To get a notification on your phone when new info is posted to one of these boards, you must subscribe to a board. First choose a post.
        boards and posts

      4. Then look at the name of the board - the photo below shows this board is "Parent News & Important Announcements" - then click the “subscribe” bell inside a post to get a notification each time new info is added to that board. You will need to do this for each board you want to get notifications for.  
        board subscrptions
      5. After you subscribe to a board, you may need to adjust how you want to get notifications in the Settings area of your phone.
    3. Athletics - you can filter your view to follow the upcoming events and event recaps from your favorite Flames teams.

      When you first log in, you'll be prompted to pick your teams.

      To filter your teams at a later date, click the filter button at the top and then choose the teams you prefer to keep up with.

      Directions to games are located in the event information. Just click the directions and your mobile device will open Google Maps if you have it installed. 
    4. Full Calendar - You can now access the full online calendar with this tab. 
    5. Other Important Feature - EMAILS
      Would you like to receive all Shalom emails to your phone? This feature is offered for convenience.
      1. To set this up, click the MORE section on the bottom of the App after you log in. Then click Notifications. 
      2. Click the blue button to turn on notifications. And then click Allow. 

      3. Toggle on the email mailing lists that you are a member of that you would like to get sent to your phone. 

    6. More -
      • Elementary Teacher Page Photos & Videos

When you click the link for the following items, you will be prompted to enter your username and password since these are on our password protected website: 

  • Shortcut to the Shalom Parent Portal - all the info a parent needs at Shalom. 
  • Shortcut to Renweb/FACTS - this link will take you directly to the ParentsWeb page for your Renweb/FACTS account. 
  • Shortcut to website Guidance & Counseling - this shortcut will take you to the Shalom Parent Portal Guidance & Counseling page so you can read the latest info, ask for an appointment, or learn more about our team. 
  • Shortcut to website Teacher Page listing - although you can get post updates from your child’s elementary teacher, the teacher page is still a valuable resource to find contact information and updated photos and files. This link will take you there. 
  • Shortcut to website Lunch page - this link will connect you with the Shalom Parent Portal for all lunch ordering information. 
  • Shortcut to website Learning Commons / Library resources - this link will take you to the Learning Commons website for parents. 

Are you already signed up for alerts from your child’s teacher by email and want to switch to the app? Once you are set up receiving notifications in the app, you can unsubscribe from email alerts by clicking ‘Unsubscribe from this board’ in a recent email notification. 

Have a question about our new app? Reach out to us at to ask a question.