This year, we’re committed to taking note of what is good and putting it on display. That’s why we’re celebrating noteworthy characteristics of Shalom’s community. Noteworthy is anything that is meaningful, memorable, notable, outstanding, remarkable, unique, super or terrific. 

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Bethany Hanft
Tessa Martin

We're thankful for great friendships at Shalom!

Thanks also for keeping all things professional. I so appreciate that in your leadership!

Sara Miles
When I think of Shalom I think of a school that builds character in their students. I remember as a student the week of spiritual emphasis and chapel each Wednesday, as well as, the teachers that loved me and poured their all into me and my classmates.
 When I think of my Shalom days it makes me happy and I have so many great memories. 
When interviewing for a job I had a boss tell me he was hiring me because he knew I went to Shalom and that impressed him the most.
 Now our children have the privilege to attend Shalom. Yes, the privilege. My parents sacrificed so I could attend Shalom. I am forever thankful.
 Shalom built Biblical character in my life and I am forever thankful and proud to be a Shalom alumni.
Tina Holderman, Teacher
One particular student has moved up 5 levels in reading in just half of the year. They have done so with the assistance of an amazing support team helping them to make this kind of progress.
Baker Family
As a new family to Shalom, we find it amazing how the school involves the children and their families. The school offers many ways for families to get involved and become an integral part of a child’s education. Shalom truly stands by their goal of creating a community.
Alisha Fulford

Shalom’s teachers are the best of the best. They care about way more than just my kids’ academics. I know they are in good hands at school every day and that is priceless as a parent.

Ashley Statler

Shalom teachers and staff are always welcoming and kind. I have peace of mind sending my kids to school everyday knowing they are loved and cared for. Shalom staff is ready, willing, and able to confidently solve any problems that arise.

Ashley Norris
Mike & Orpha Linn

There is so much we love about the school but something that stands out is the dedication from our son’s teachers. We see the spirit of Jesus in how they teach and care about them and both our boys feel loved each day.

angie petersheim
Angie Petersheim, Administrator
I am always amazed by the way our faculty and staff immediately volunteer to cover a class, be part of a task, or find a way to encourage a peer. Repeatedly, I see their servant hearts as they care for each other. I know that means they are also caring for their students.
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