Request to Distribute Materials/Info

Shalom Christian Academy Administration recognizes the importance of communicating events, signups, registrations, and information about youth programs and activities that are outside of the Shalom community. Without promoting a specific group or activity, Shalom will make flyers submitted to Shalom available under the following guidelines:

As of 2022, we have switched to distributing flyers electronically.

Shalom's Administrative Secretary must approve all flyers and will consider whether the flyers are age-appropriate or meet community standards of decency and propriety.

For purposes of this policy, “non-school related materials” pertain to activities, events and subject matter that are not officially sponsored or endorsed by Shalom Christian Academy, and promote educational programs and activities appropriate for the children at Shalom. 

Political materials and materials promoting “for profit” ventures will not be distributed/promoted nor will events and activities that compete with events or offerings by Shalom Christian Academy.

Flyers must be submitted along with a distribution form for approval a minimum of 10 days prior to the event. 

Upon approval flyers will be uploaded to the Swap Shop portion of our Parent Portal.

Flyers will be approved and added to the website monthly.


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