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Facility Rental

Rent our facility for your next function or gathering!

The following locations on the Shalom Christian Academy campus are available to rent:

Learning Commons
All–purpose Room
Family & Consumer Science Room
Practice Soccer Field
Baseball Field

Please read all of the Facility Rental Guidelines and the Code of Conduct and then submit the following form. Questions? Call (717) 375-2223 for more information.

Please Read

Shalom Outside Facility Rental Guidelines

 1. Noise must be kept to a respectable level.

 2. Balls may not be hit into baseball fencing.

 3. In the event of questionable field conditions, the school representative will make a determination on the use of athletic fields.

 4. Soccer goals may not be moved without authorization of the school representative.

 5. Do not enter facilities with cleats or muddy shoes.

 6. Roller blades, roller skates, and bikes are not permitted.

 7. Children playing on the playground equipment must be supervised.

 8. Excessive horseplay on the playground equipment is not permitted.

 9. Grounds are not to be used for private profit.


Shalom Gym Rental Guidelines

1. Proper footwear must be worn for athletic activity (non marking shoes should be worn).

2. Shoes should be clean of any debris before entering the gym.

3. Use only the lobby doors to enter and exit the gym. All other doors should be used only in the event of an emergency.

4. Use only approved athletic equipment, chairs, and tables.

5. All equipment should be returned to its proper place.

6. Do not hang on lighting guards or side basketball rims.

7. No batting of balls except with approved whiffleballs and bats.

8. Ceiling insulation, wall insulation, carpeting, banners, and lights should not be abused with kicked, thrown, or batted balls.

9. Report any damage to the facility as soon as possible

Shalom Facility Rental Guidelines and Code of Conduct

1. The rental fee and a separate security deposit of $150 is due with rental application. The security deposit will be returned within two weeks after
inspection following your event.

In addition, an employee or representative of the school will be on the premises for the duration of the rental period. The representative will be paid $25 per hour. (Please give cash payment directly to the representative when you arrive.)

If you have requested tables, chairs and other equipment, the school representative in charge will be available to help with set up and tear down, and to address needs or questions regarding the rental or clean up. Any property damage occurring during the rental must be reported to the representative immediately.

2. Park only in the following designated parking areas: the provided paved and stone spaces in front of the main entrance, and in the paved area by the playground.

3. Orderly, appropriate behavior and language is expected.

4. Alcohol, drugs, tobacco and weapons are not permitted on school property.

5. Supplies in and on the teacher’s desk may not be used.

If renting the FCS room, the stoves, sinks, tables, and the refrigerator by the windows may be used. The small appliances, flatware, and food supplies may not be used. If you use the school’s tea towels and dish cloths, please give them to the school representative when you leave.

6. All facilities must be left clean and in good order at the close of the reserved rental period. The furniture must be returned to its original position. Properly dispose of all trash bags and
consumables in the school dumpster.

7. You are expected to exit the building promptly at the end of your reserved rental period.

8. The school will not permit the use of its name in the solicitation of funds for the support of programs not authorized and sponsored by the school, nor does use of its facility imply general endorsement of the organization involved in its use.

Facility Rental