the arts at shalom

Whether musical, artistic or dramatic, students at Shalom are encouraged to explore their gifts and talents beyond the classroom. Shalom’s proficient and dedicated faculty encourage students to flourish artistically, develop their skills, build relationships, and share their talents with the community. Our teachers care about students as a whole person, providing them with the space to express themselves thoughtfully, work with others, and glorify God with their gifts.


The drama program inspires middle and high school students to express themselves and pursue a new persona while collaborating with a team. In drama classes, students learn to convey emotions, share a message with conviction, express empathy, and work together toward a goal.

Each class experiences the behind-the-scenes skills needed to create and perform two productions a year. Students learn projection, expression, improvisation, team building, and collaboration—all skills that will benefit them in the future. 

Past shows have included The Wizard of Oz, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, and The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe.

two student actors pose with an apple

Visual Arts

Our visual arts program provides young artists a space to find community, grow together, and take artistic risks. Students from pre-K through high school gain confidence and creativity while learning to worship God through their work.

As part of the visual arts curriculum, students learn the 8 Studio Habits of the Mind: engage and persist, develop craft, revision, express, observe, understand art worlds, stretch and explore, and reflect. Art helps our students to consider new perspectives and learn creative expression - habits that will benefit them throughout their lives.

Our visual arts curriculum begins in preschool as students explore fine motor skills and progresses in stages, teaching them purpose and problem solving as they develop their artistic voice. Students say the program helps them release stress, express themselves, experiment, be creative, and find acceptance and support.



The Shalom Christian Academy Band fosters an environment where students can express themselves collaboratively through music. Starting in 4th grade, students have the opportunity to connect across grade levels during peer mentoring, joint rehearsals, and local musical festivals.

As students progress in their technical and musical ability, they can play with various ensembles that will challenge and encourage them to develop their skills. These small groups also allow students to analyze the meaning, cultural origins, and spiritual dimensions of the music they play.

Students can network with band members from other schools during festivals such as County Band, ACSI Fine Arts, and MSC Bandfest. 

student tries playing the flute
boy learning to play trumpet

Music Classes

The choral program provides a solid musical foundation by teaching basic skills such as note and rhythm reading and progressing to more advanced techniques as students mature in their musical abilities.

In elementary music classes, students move, sing, and play percussion instruments to music. Students in the 3rd and 4th grades learn to play the recorders which helps with note reading, rhythm and prepares them for learning a band instrument. In addition to mastering basic music skills, they learn how to conduct themselves as musicians on stage and in a concert as they sing with the lower or upper elementary chorus. Most importantly, students learn to praise God through music and connect their feelings to God through song.

When students move into secondary school, they have the opportunity to participate in Middle School Chorus and High School Chorale. As students learn the melodies and harmonies for the music presented before them, they grow in confidence and ability. These programs bring people together from diverse backgrounds and helps them to appreciate new types of music, which develops compassion toward others. Students learn to appreciate performing music and the impact their sound can have on the human soul.

During their freshman year, students are required to take a semester of Music Appreciation, which focuses on learning how to play the guitar. Students learn to read and play melodies and chords which builds upon the musical foundation they received in elementary and middle school. Not only are students learning how to play, but they are learning about what they are playing. Since music feeds the soul, songs of all genres (worship, pop, classical, folk, etc.) are introduced and discussed. Playing the guitar is a practical culmination of their musical experience at Shalom and they may choose to broaden this skill at any point in their lives.

chorale students gather and sing around a piano

Technical Arts

Our unique technical arts program allows high school students to explore the ways that their God-given artistic abilities intersect with technology. Students can pursue classes that provide  skills to prepare them for opportunities in programming, design, visual arts or live production. 

Classes help students to explore new creative avenues and guide their future endeavors. Students might troubleshoot audio issues during a production, design publications to market a show, learn new Adobe software, refine their photography skills, create items using the 3d printer or code a new program. With each challenge, students gain confidence, improve their skills, gain practical experience and collaborate with others—setting them up for success in their careers.

chorale students standing around a piano