Fine Arts After School Clubs for 4th - 6th Grade

The Fine Arts teachers will host an after school club as a way to give 4th-6th graders who are interested in various art forms a chance to play and learn about the Fine Arts at Shalom.
4th - 6th graders are welcome to join! Clubs meet every 1st & 3rd Wednesday from 3:30 to 5:30 pm in Music Room 109.
Each meeting will feature two different areas of the Fine Arts. Some of the artwork and performance work may be presented at our Fine Arts evening, February 29. All materials and/or instruments will be provided. A change of clothes is recommended for comfort and mobility.

Fine Arts Areas:

Music (Vocal): Students will get to sing and learn about the music art form
through voice. Eph 5:19b NIV

Drama: Students will get to play and learn how to act out stories and tell
stories of their own. 1 Cor 10: 31 NIV

Music (Instruments): Students will get to play various instruments and
learn how to make music through everyday objects around us. Ps 150:3-5

Art: Students will get a chance to create art pieces and play around with
different mediums. Ex 35:35 NIV

Digital Art: Students will get to learn how to create art on a computer or
device using various programs or apps to gain a basic understanding of
what they can do. Ex 35:31-34 NIV

Dance: Students will get a chance to play and learn basic dance
techniques, folk dances and other various dances, and see how dance can
be a wonderful part in the worship of our Creator. Ps 149:3-4 NIV

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You may select all of the dates or choose specific dates your child(ren) will attend.
September 18
Music (Instruments) & Art
October 2
Music (Vocal) & Drama
October 16
Digital Art & Dance
November 6
Music (Instruments) & Art
November 20
Digital Art & Dance
December 4
Music (Vocal) & Drama
January 8
Music (Vocal) & Drama
January 22
Music (Instruments) & Art
February 5
Digital Art & Dance
February 19
Music (Vocal) & Drama
March 4
Music (Instruments) & Art
March 18
Digital Art & Dance
April 1
Music (Instruments) & Art
April 15
Music (Vocal) & Drama
May 6
Digital Art & Dance