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Considering Shalom Christian Academy? Our admissions team would love to connect with you at our next Virtual Open House! Families of future PreK - 5th grade students are invited to join us for this special live virtual event hosted online on Tuesday, June 2 at 6:30 pm. Chat with our administrators, learn more about Shalom Christian Academy’s on campus and distance learning opportunities, and hear about our admissions process. 

This open house is tailored to families with students entering PreK through 5th Grades. All students who attend receive a free t-shirt! 

We look forward to learning more about you and sharing information that will be helpful as you make decisions regarding your child’s future. 

Girl plays on swings.
Children play with ball in ga-ga pit.
Boy in birthday cape sits on fence next to other children.
Boy plays with robot.
Boy looks through virtual goggles.
Children turn bananas into piano with computer.
Teacher plays math game with children.
Boy plays trumpet.
Girl plays flute.
Children clap to music while sitting on floor.
Children work on computers in classroom.
Children collect recycling in buckets.
Children play on playground.
Children are listening to coach give instructions on soccer field
Older boy plays a game with younger children.
Young boy plays with foam putty.
Children look at worms with magnifying glasses
Our Kindergarten students enjoy circle time every morning with their teachers.

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students study a worm
students smiling with laptops
students walking off bus