Family  testimonials

Read what our community loves about Shalom Christian Academy.   

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Patrick and Carrie Adams

We chose Shalom for our children because their education is one of the most fundamental aspects of their growth and development. Shalom aims to set the student up for a lifetime of success while cultivating a relationship with God. They do this by promoting a Christian worldview.

They are surrounded by adults, mentors, and peers that keep Christ at the forefront of their lives. Establishing Christian values daily and having these reinforced daily is a high priority for our family.

Our children are thriving here. We love this community and have developed friendships that will last a lifetime. At Shalom volunteering is required, at first this seemed like a burden but we enjoy the time meeting and sharing with other families. It is a real community. One of the best decisions we made for our family!

Lee and Donna Irons-Zimmerman

I have found the teachers to be very invested in our daughter's education and maintain great student-teacher relationships. Mrs. Showalter, Mrs. Goetz, Mrs. Baker, and Mrs. Horst have been especially instrumental in developing our child's interests and pushing her to excel academically and creatively.

Zach and Tesa Stinson

Having the values we teach our children at home echoed throughout their academics is what we love most about Shalom. We want to invest in our children’s education but also in their relationship with Christ.

Neil and Ginger Rotz

We have been a part of the Shalom family for three years. Each year we have been so impressed with not only the quality of education, but the importance of becoming Christ-followers and implementing a biblically based worldview. As parents, we could not ask for a better learning environment for our kids.

The teachers have also proved to be a reason why we love Shalom. They truly care about our kids and it is evidenced by their intentionality in building relationships, bringing fun into the learning environment, and their continuous efforts to pray for their students. Our kids notice how much their teachers care. They are always quick to say how much they love the teachers at Shalom and they are one of their favorite parts about the school.

Shalom is more than an educational institution. It is a Christ-centered community that we are very grateful to be a part of.

Alison Crist

We love the community that Shalom offers our family! We have felt welcome from day one. We are thankful for the communication, accountability and connection from the teachers and staff.

Nathanael and Bethany Hanft

In August 2021, I (Bethany) got very sick with Covid. I was intubated and put on a ventilator. The Shalom community rallied around my family before our daughter even began kindergarten there. So many people storming the gates of Heaven in prayer for us and supporting us. When you attend Shalom, you become a part of the Shalom family, and they rally behind you and support you with Jesus' love. It is such a special place.

Dawn Blank

Shalom is a great place to work. I enjoy working with my fellow teachers and administrators, and I love how we all are able to find ways that we can support each other professionally and personally. There truly is a good, close community that you become a part of when you work or send your kids to Shalom. 

I also enjoy being able to work with students as they discover and learn more about their creative talents and potential. With my role as Fine Arts Coordinator, Drama director/teacher, and yearbook teacher, I also get to use my own creative talents which is a huge blessing to me. Not many places of work can allow for that.

As I also graduated from Shalom, there is a happy nostalgic element to being back. Shalom is in a transitional period and I am excited to see where God continues to lead Shalom. 

Gena Davis

In this world today we need Jesus more than ever. Christian education is the number one reason! The fact my children are led in prayer daily at school is a great feeling. The staff care and listen to help my children become successful. A strong Christian foundation is key.

Alan and Jackie Moore

We love the family atmosphere of Shalom, not only have our kids made many new friends, we as the parents have made friends with other families in the community than our years prior to Shalom. Covid (led us to Shalom). We had toyed with the idea of Shalom for several years, but once the public school decided to remain online only to start that next school year, we couldn’t get to Shalom fast enough!  And we’re glad we did, it’s been a great experience for our two daughters.

The Crist Family-Bryan, Greta and Atlas

We love Shalom because we have the assurance that our son is getting a Christian education where his teachers pray with him, and for him, each and every day. Prayer is powerful, and we are so thankful our son is learning this at such a young age.

The Myers Family

The moment I walked into Shalom I could sense the presence of God. I love the community and kindness that greets you from the second you enter the door. The secretaries, staff, teachers and administrators are always welcoming everyone that enters with a smile. Shalom’s community is definitely a family affair and relationships are important. I love that our kids get godly leadership while they are at school and have loving teachers who desire to see them grow in all areas of their lives not just academics. Sports are fun too! Thank you Shalom for being so great!

Nielsen Family

Shalom is everything you could want in a private Christian school and more. Our son has grown tremendously academically and spiritually. Knowing that the faculty is praying over our child and walking along side us to help him grow into man of God is priceless. Academically we also have seen how advanced Shalom is compared to the public school system. There is not a cookie cutter approach to teaching, they address students on a individual level based on how that student learns. Shalom’s arts program is also also something we appreciate when so many schools are cutting the arts out, they create a space to allow children to express themselves.. We are so thankful for the recommendations that pointed us towards Shalom, they exceeded our expectations and more!

The Emge Family

Our three children have attended Shalom since Kindergarten, with the youngest currently in high school.  Shalom has provided an excellent education for them and has definitely prepared them for college. The teachers invest their time into the students and genuinely care about their well being.  The relationships between teachers, students, and parents make the environment as a whole very welcoming.  As a teacher at Shalom, I can honestly say it’s a wonderful place to work! 

The Weaver Family

What we love most about the Shalom family is how they’ve welcomed us and helped us navigate our son’s education while he goes through cancer treatments. The love and care we’ve received this year and last is particularly special and refreshing. Our family has been able to conquer kindergarten, 2nd and 4th grades this year because of the Shalom family support. My children have been greeted daily with extra compassion and love from their teachers, the staff, principals and parents meeting every need appropriately. These relationships are invaluable and will remain cherished for years to come.

The Gingrich Family

We love that Shalom has brought our son closer to God and that you can truly tell and feel how much the teachers and staff members care for the students. We also plan on having our daughter go there when she’s old enough.

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