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Daily Life At Shalom

Our Kindergarten students enjoy circle time every morning with their teachers.

Our Kindergarten students enjoy circle time every morning with their teachers. Kindergarten class options include all day, every day, and alternate day Kindergarten. Learn more here. 

Young boy plays with foam putty.

Hands on activities for our younger students encourage free exploration and help to keep them engaged with what they are learning.

Older boy plays a game with younger children.

Older students often volunteer to serve as classroom helpers as part of our Learn to Serve program. 

Students listen to faculty led worship music.

All of our students attend chapel on a weekly basis where they experience a time of worship, prayer and encouragement.

Teacher talks in student chapel

Students enjoy having teachers share about their own experiences and the role they play in God's kingdom.

Various athletes stand in gym

The purpose of our athletic department is to offer our student athletes an opportunity to excel in each of our sports at the highest level possible, while learning how to display Godly character in each situation.

 A boy in a cape hands a girl an apple in a play scene.

In our drama classes, students learn to convey emotions, share a message with conviction, express empathy, and work together toward a goal.

Girl hits volleyball over net

Shalom is a member of the Mason Dixon Christian Conference. This provides our middle school and high school athletic teams with competition against seven other schools in the area.

Children are listening to coach give instructions on soccer field

Our elementary athletic program helps students learn fundamental skills, teamwork, and character development in a fun and supportive environment. 

Girl hits volleyball over net while team watches.

Volleyball is just one of several sports offered at Shalom that helps students develop skills such as how to communicate, work with a team, and serve others.  

Male soccer players compete on field.

Students who play soccer at Shalom are not only taught skills but learn to display Godly character both on and off the field.

Students arrive on buses.

When students arrive at school they are greeted by friends and faculty. It's one of the best times of the day!  

Girls laughing together.

The focus of our middle school program is to help students develop positive behaviors and relationships during this transitional time in their lives. 

Children play on playground.

Students are given the opportunity for unstructured play, such as recess, each day. This allows their brains a time to “re-charge” giving enhanced attention when they return to the classroom.

Girls sit in a circle in the gym.

Each middle school student is assigned to a small group of about ten students who regularly meet to discuss chapel topics, play games, and serve together. 

Children work on computers in classroom.

Technology, such as the use of Chromebooks, in the classroom has increasingly become an engaging tool for our students.

Children laugh in classroom.

Our teachers are dedicated to making education fun and interactive for students. 

Boy talks in front of classroom.

At the high school level, student leadership impacts the high school classes, the school, and the community. 

Children clap to music while sitting on floor.

Music education helps students learn to praise God through music and connect their feelings to God through song.

Girl plays flute.

Each year fourth and fifth grade students are given the opportunity to learn to play a band instrument. 

Boy plays trumpet.

The Shalom band fosters an environment where students can express themselves collaboratively through music and build cross grade relationships with their peers.

Children play guitars.

Our music program is designed to lay a foundation of knowledge and skill that students can build upon for the rest of their lives.

Teacher teaches children to play guitars.

During their freshman year, students are required to take a semester of Music Appreciation, which focuses on learning how to play the guitar. 

Teacher plays math game with children.

Our first graders, with the guidance of their teacher, work together to solve a math problem. 

Children turn bananas into piano with computer.

Shalom's Makerspace provides hands on ways for students to design, build, and experiment, such as making bananas into a piano!

Children's hands work with circuits.

Snap Circuits is another activity in our Makerspace. This is used to teach our students beginning circuitry. 

Boy looks through virtual goggles.

Students can take a field trip to just about everywhere in the world with our Virtual Reality goggles - part of our STEM program.

Boy plays with robot.

The Dash and Dot robot is used in our Makerspace to teach students coding and programming. 

Children play with ball in ga-ga pit.

Playing in the Gaga Ball Pit is a favorite recess game for many of our elementary students.

Girl plays on swings.

Castles, forts, swings, and more... our expansive playground gives students places to explore, exercise, and enjoy the fresh air.

student in class with laptop