Messiah University Pathways Partner

Shalom Christian Academy is proud to be a part of Messiah University's K-12 educational partnership—named the Pathway Partners Program—designed to create mutually beneficial lifelong learning opportunities between Messiah and Shalom Christian Academy students, families, and employees. See the accordion below for specific Pathway Partners benefits:

At Shalom Christian Academy - Contact Mike Shank
Guidance Counselor at Shalom

At Messiah University - Contact Lori Zimmerman
Executive Coordinator and Project Manager for University Partnerships

“I am excited to add this outstanding school to our Pathway Partners Program. Graduates of Shalom Christian Academy have attended and excelled at Messiah. In addition, Shalom Christian Academy has a long-standing relationship with Messiah. As we expand this program, we are committed to expanding our reach to schools who share Messiah’s commitment to excellent Christ-centered education, and this school embodies that commitment.”Executive director/assistant to the president for innovation and university partnerships at Messiah University Rob Pepper